Health without chemistry

Nowadays, when the human body is influenced heavily by the environment, it´s necessary to understand our health and inner peace in a broader sense. Our body is weakened daily not only by the environment and noise but also by pressure at work. If we don´t care about it properly, before long these little imbalances will grow and result in diseas. For these reasons, both our body and mind deserve maximal care to secure a long and high-quality life. That´s also why recently many native therapies have gained ground as they don´t burden our body with unwanted influences.

Acupuncture Prague clinicSince almost all Western medicine addresses only the symptoms, the imbalaces are consenquently pushed inside, hide in the body and wait for the opportunity to strike again. It is obvious that this is only a short-term solution.

On the other hand, therapies and massages of Traditional Chinese Medicine directly address the causes of imbalances. Their effect is as rapid as the effect of synthetic medicine and furthermore their results are long-lasting. You don´t have to worry about the return of the disease in a heavier form.
In our centre we offer many different inspirational sources, how to fix your imbalances without chemistry and with the help of a thousand-year-old experience.

Acupuncture PragueAcupuncture – highly effective method appropriate for almost every kind of health problems. A great way to restore and keep your health in good condition.

Phytotherapy PragueHerbal therapy – very effective method appropriate for chronic and acute problems.

Dietetics PragueChange of eating habits – we can advise you how to enrich your life by the right choice of food.

Physical Exercise PragueExercise – one of the most basic ways, to support the treatment and keep yourself vital to elderly age.

Chinese energetic massage Tuina PragueChinese energetic massage Tuina – the most widespread and comfortable way of physical and mental regeneration.